Friday, April 24, 2009

An outreached hand!

Hey guys,

I was recently thinking about my true aspirations in the field of music. I really wanted to clarify for myself what my desires were. Did I just want to be rich? Did I just want to be famous? Or did I just want to have the political muscle to push, pull, and influence the outside world?

Well after examining my own thoughts very delicately, I began to realize that none of these are valid urges for me (though they do quite intrigue and interest me). I more than anything, just want my art, my communication to reach as many people as possible. Naturally I would also like to be able to provide for a family, and all the other trappings of fame and fortune do have there uses. But if I had to isolate one thing, a single urge towards success in this industry, it would be/will be and always has been the urge to communicate to as many people as possible! 

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