Saturday, April 25, 2009

Eighth World Wonder (My Own/My Only)


Well the elevator does seem the slightest bit noisy tonight, doesn’t it? And how long have I been in this thing? It seems as though this nine floor ascension is especially drawn out tonight. Maybe its because the elevator is running slow... or maybe, just maybe, its because the whole world around this elevator has slowed down. Maybe, just maybe this is me freezing this moment, so I can forever capture it in my mind. Perhaps this is me giving myself the chance to fully note every unique perception there is to be had in this moment. 

The serene smile running up my face, while the most adorable tear runs down it. 

The fact is, I can’t feel the shoes on my feet, or the clothes on my body. I don’t feel naked, I just don’t feel clothed. I can’t figure why though. Perhaps its because you can’t float when you are dressed, and I, well I am definitely floating. This is something else to experience, let me tell you. I am 3 feet off the ground, give or take a few inches. 

I can feel every hair on my arm standing up, as the tingle down my back has begun to fade. This will be counted as the second time so far in this elevator ride. 

My circulatory system seems normal. My heart appears to be beating normally, but then again time is going so slow right now, and all other indicators would say its going about 1000 beats per minute right about now. So I guess that means that the time didn’t slow in just this exterior world that we’re in, but inside of my body and self as well. 

And speaking of myself, where the hell am I now? I  am definitely not in this elevator anymore. Well part of me is, but the rest just won’t fit. In fact, I think I am occupying most of downtown clearwater right now. Its a strange feeling. There are four bums, and two cop cars right outside the library... there is a gang of teens skate boarding on Pierce Street... there is a cleaning guy or two in this building, and three men on the second floor listening to rap music that is just completely inappropriate for guys of their age, but I guess I can forgive them since they are having a good time. 


Wow! Well that was certainly an interesting elevator ride, and definitely the longest I have personally ever experienced. And even with that, it wasn’t long enough. I didn’t even get a chance to touch on the certainties I’ve seemed to pick up along the way. Certainty on things like eternity, monogamy, and beauty. Things like Realty, love, and yourself. 

And let me tell you, right now, at this very moment in time, you are the most beautiful thing in this world. My very own eighth world wonder. 

Friday, April 24, 2009

An outreached hand!

Hey guys,

I was recently thinking about my true aspirations in the field of music. I really wanted to clarify for myself what my desires were. Did I just want to be rich? Did I just want to be famous? Or did I just want to have the political muscle to push, pull, and influence the outside world?

Well after examining my own thoughts very delicately, I began to realize that none of these are valid urges for me (though they do quite intrigue and interest me). I more than anything, just want my art, my communication to reach as many people as possible. Naturally I would also like to be able to provide for a family, and all the other trappings of fame and fortune do have there uses. But if I had to isolate one thing, a single urge towards success in this industry, it would be/will be and always has been the urge to communicate to as many people as possible! 

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Rock on,


Friday, April 10, 2009

F#cking Dvd's

Have you ever noticed that DVD's don't work on our schedule? Its like they have no feelings, but some how the diabolical little bastards are able to feel the worst time to stop working!

Oh this is news to you? Oh! You thought it was a coincidence that the disc was an "Unsupported Format" only when your whole family was sitting at the ready, popcorn popped and all. Or even worse in my state... sitting here on a Thursday Night, bored out of my wits trying to sitting back and enjoy the latest Jackie Chan flick...

....but no.....

.....Fuck DVD's!....

Rock on,